Conservation Series

Conservation series about the diminishing natural habitats of the animal kingdom.

Featured in the exhibition: "Graphic Advocacy: International Posters for a Digital World 2001 - 2012" curated by Elizabeth Resnick - Professor, Chair, Graphic Design, Massachusetts College of Art and Design.

The exhibition will open first at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, Massachusetts and travel within North America. 
Currently at the Art Directors Club in New York City:


Where will they go?
Conservation poster series
 These posters are designed with children in mind and ask the simple question
"Where will the animals go when all the land has gone?"
"Where will the fish go when all the land has gone?"
"Where will the birds go when all the land has gone?"

The rationale is concerned with the disappearing natural habitats of the animal kingdom,
but the real question is
"What will happen to us when we have exhausted all the natural resources of the planet?"

I have illustrated this in a naieve way based on my influences with posters when I was a kid,
the messages still resonate with me today.
 what the kids say:

1.  The birds will have nowhere to make their nests except for that one tree. Mass extinction. It's sad to see all this deforestation. I would love to see all these animals saved

2.  when global warming happens,the sea will be polluted and the polar ice caps will melt making this the last ice berg left on the planet.The animals will all be fighting to save themselves

3.  When we use up all of the space, the animals will have no where to go so they will all be cooped up there.

4. When we use up all of the seawater the sea animals will be trapped until we fish them all.

Our ideas for different artwork are: what would happen if there was only 1 beehive left on the planet, WHAT WE COULD DO ABOUT THESE PICTURES to stop them happening
Everyone loves your art so please make them. my Teacher will be very impressed
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